Important information


for all competitors/delegates participating in
Oslo Grand Prix 2020, 24-26th of April


Oslo Grand Prix 2020 will be arranged according to the rules set by the NBFF, EBFF and IFBB. The contest is open for IFBB-affiliated National Federations from Europe. National Federations must nominate their athletes by sending the Final Entry Form. The number of competitors is unlimited. Please be aware that it is the full responsibility and obligation of The National Federation to verify if each one of the athletes to be registered for this international event are NOT suspended or fulfilling any period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any disciplinary case at national or international level. It is also the full obligation and responsibility of a National Federation to monitor all the athletes affiliated to this National Federation who are actually fulfilling a period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any Disciplinary case, to make sure these athletes will not register/compete/or participate in any capacity in any event either at National or International level, Official or Invitational.


All costs in connection with the competition, for example travel, accommodation, transport and meals are the responsibility of the individual athletes or National Federations. Check with your National Federation for more info.


A valid passport is required to enter Norway. EU-countries, Iceland, and Switzerland citizens do not need to obtain a visa. All other countries should consult the diplomatic embassy in their country to determine if they need a visa. An Official Letter of Invitation will be made available if required. It is the National Federations responsibility to obtain an entry visa for Norway. All National Federations can ask for an Invitation letter to either the Competition Organizer or IFBB. The Invitation letter does not mean you are granted your visa. IFBB and Competition Organizer are not responsible for visas. To receive invitation letter, the applicant should forward a copy (scan) of passport to the IFBB or Competition Organizer. Any athlete that uses the visa to unlawfully stay in Norway or any other country will be subjected to disciplinary procedures and measures for that country. The relevant National Federation is responsible for carefully controlling the proper and legal use of visas by their athletes, and will be subjected to a fine and/or suspension in cases of misuse.


Tanning must be in accordance with IFBB rules. Any tanning, which can be wiped off, is not allowed. Professional tanning services will be offered and 

applied only by our collaborator: OnSite SprayTan. For more information,
prices and online booking, visit: 



Doping control may be conducted by the Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency (ADNO) pursuant to the IFBB Anti-Doping Rules, using a WADA accredited laboratory. In order to compete, all competitors at the weigh-in and registration will be required to sign a Drug Testing Consent & Waiver of Liability Form (available on

Doping control may be conducted using any of the following methods:

  • Random Selection:
    Several athletes selected at random throughout the event e.g. at weigh-in.
  • Weighted Selection:
    Several athletes selected at random from among the top finalists e.g. at finals. 

The IFBB reserves the rights to target test any athlete. The IFBB is a signatory to the WADA Code. Participating National Federations have a duty and an    obligation to ensure that their national team athletes are competing drug-free at the IFBB international competitions

 >> DOWNLOAD Drug Testing Consent Waiver (PDF) >>


A limited number of backstage passes will be for sale during registration. Each athlete and delegates with green card access will be provided with a wristband, and this must be worn at all times to allow entry to the venue.


Green cards are used to limit access to the Weigh-in and backstage area during the Registration, Prejudging and Finals. They will be distributed at the Judges/Team Managers Meeting as follows:

  1. Up to 5 competitors - 1 green card
  2. Up to 10 competitors - 2 green cards
  3. Over 10 competitors - 3 green cards

Extra green cards can be bought for EUR 50 / NOK 500.


Camera and/or videotape equipment shall be strictly prohibited in the backstage and/or dressing room areas except when used by IFBB/NBFF-authorized media.


  • Top 6 athletes will receive trophies
  • Top 3 athletes will receive medals
  • 10 Elite Pro Cards will be awarded to overall winners in: Men’s Physique (2), Women’s Bikini Fitness (2), Bodybuilding (1), Women’s Bodyfitness (1), Men’s Classic Bodybuilding (1), Women’s Wellness Fitness (1), Men’s Classic Physique (1) and Women’s Physique (1).
  • The IFBB Elite Pro Card winners in Women’s Bikini, Women’s Bodyfitness and Men’s Physique can compete directly in the IFBB Elite Pro Show Saturday evening.

General information for all athletes/delegates

No show or any other form of delay to the registration may lead to disqualification and a fee of the total amount of NOK 2000,- 

If your delay is caused by transportation it is of high importance to immediately contact: Elise Murbræck at telephone (+47) 99554645

During registration, you will receive your start number, delegat/coach badges, and a code colored bracelet (your ticket). You need to keep your bracelet on at all times: backstage, on stage, in theater and in expo area. This also applies to delegates. The delegate badges and bracelets will be given out to the persons that has been registered in our system in advance.

Competitors and delegates are allowed in the seating area of the venue, but do not have any reserved seats. You need to find available seats in the back, and we kindly ask you not to occupy seats that have been paid for by the public. For safety reasons, it is not permitted to occupy or block stairs or emergency exits.

Any form of illegal substances (WADA list) and/or alcohol is strictly prohibited. There may be a security check at the athletes’ entrance. You must also sign an anti-doping waiver to be allowed to compete.


As a delegate, it is your responsibility that your athletes are ready to go on stage at the correct time. This mean you are obligated to be there for your athletes and meet their needs. You are responsible for paying attention to the timetable and to be up to date with any changes. Keep in touch with the stage crew at all times. Being a delegate does not give you free access to watch the competition, you are there to do a job helping your athletes.

We kindly ask you to contribute to the well being of all people at the venue. Keep the dressing rooms/restrooms tidy and take all your belongings with you when you leave. This includes garbage etc. All clubs have a responsibility, and violation of this will be billed.

Updates will be posted on our home page and Facebook page. Competitors lists, timetable and other news will be published and updated regularly.

>> DOWNLOAD Drug Testing Consent Waiver (PDF) >>