All costs in connection with the competition, for example travel, accommodation, transport and meals are the responsibility of the individual athletes or National Federations. Check with your National Federation for more info.


A valid passport is required to enter Norway. EU-countries, Iceland, and Switzerland citizens do not need to obtain a visa. All other countries should consult the diplomatic embassy in their country to determine if they need a visa. An Official Letter of Invitation will be made available if required. It is the National Federations responsibility to obtain an entry visa for Norway. All National Federations can ask for an Invitation letter to either the Competition Organizer or IFBB. The Invitation letter does not mean you are granted your visa. IFBB and Competition Organizer are not responsible for visas. To receive invitation letter, the applicant should forward a copy (scan) of passport to the IFBB or Competition Organizer. Any athlete that uses the visa to unlawfully stay in Norway or any other country will be subjected to disciplinary procedures and measures for that country. The relevant National Federation is responsible for carefully controlling the proper and legal use of visas by their athletes, and will be subjected to a fine and/or suspension in cases of misuse.  


To be nominated all judges must be included in the Final Entry Forms sent by the National Federations, in accordance the IFBB rules. 

IFBB International judges must have a valid IFBB Judges Card with the annual judges’ fee of EUR 50 already paid for 2020. The fee may also be paid at the competition during registration. All international judges must bring their Judges Card to the competition. Individual judges or National Federations are responsible for all judges’ costs in connection with the competition. 


Camera and/or videotape equipment shall be strictly prohibited in the backstage and/or dressing room areas except when used by IFBB/NBFF -authorized media.